As a developer:

Web Developer / Audio Lead @ Mythical Voltage Games

2020 - Present

  • crafting a company website with React, TailwindCSS, AstroJS and a headless CMS
  • write C# scripts for music and audio events in the Unity game engine
  • Git-based workflow with the development team
  • manage the company email setup via Hostinger

Frontend Web Developer

2020 - Present

  • develop marketing and portfolio sites for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • produced a music festival page with AstroJS, React and TailwindCSS
  • built a B&B marketing site using GatsbyJS, React and Styled Components
  • crafted a Wordpress-based portfolio site for a game developer with custom post types, dynamic content, and responsive design
  • Tooling includes ReactJS, Gatsby, Astro, Remix, TailwindCSS, Wordpress and Elementor


  • TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML and CSS coding experience
  • Extensive React experience using Vite, Remix, Astro and Gastby deployed to Netlify and GitHub pages
  • C# coding experience
  • Experience with Git workflows in a team environment
  • Adherance to WCAG Accessibility Standards
  • NodeJS experience
  • Skilled with the Command Line
  • Wordpress proficiency

In other fields:

Musician and Composer

2006 - Present

  • 10+ international record releases with labels such as Rough Trade (UK), Secret City (Canada), Arbutus (Canada), No Bad Days (UK), Every Conversation (Japan), and Alien8 (Canada)
  • Shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize
  • Toured Europe, North America, and part of Asia extensively for 15 years
  • Performed on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, The Late Show w/ David Letterman, "Best Hit USA" (a Japanese talk show) and at many music festivals
  • Composed scores for short films "Final Offer", "Never Happend" & "Lunchbox Loser"

Prop Buyer & Set Builder for Film (Art Dept.)

2016 - 2020

  • Built and dressed sets for film, commercials and music videos
  • Managed our crew
  • Drove big trucks 🚛